A Reference for the Doubting Thomas.

I realize that some of the naysayers aren’t opposed simply because they’re boring, bitter, old folks. Some of them just don’t think anything like this could work in such a small town! To ease the minds and draw some kind of picture of what this project could be, I’ve posted a few links to places that are doing various parts of what we are proposing. Most of these are in towns the same size as, or smaller than, Spencer. If anybody knows of others that aren’t listed here, please feel free to post them! Also, it could be well worth your while to head down to Cherokee and check some of these places out if you haven’t done so already. Without further delay:






As a side note, Carey’s Electronics already hold small screenings of independent flicks. As does Lakes Art Center. From what I gather they won’t be showing in 2010, but it was something worth driving up to the lakes for. Imagine how these events would grow if they were publicized and had a central location for them to take place in. Not to mention being able to have decent food and beverages along with it!

That’s it for now, but there will definitely be more to come soon. PLEASE don’t forget to take the poll at the end of our first post. These will help us see some of the numbers and comments that people have!

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The Big Idea

This first post is going to be short and to the point. As most people reading this know, Spencer 3 Theaters will be closing down this fall. I know there are more than just a few people that are sad to see it go, but what if it didn’t have to? There are a few ideas buzzing around about what to do with the historic landmark, although nothing has been seriously considered… at least publicly. That’s where this blog comes. I’m going to throw a hypothetical situation out there, and see what the public response is before taking the next step. So please feel free to read, comment, and take the poll so we can see a little bit of physical interest in this idea. Here’s the basic outline:

  • The building keeps the same basic interior structure, but with multiple functions.
  • The main screen would remain and function as a movie venue, showing films not available in the immediate area (independent films, documentaries, classic films, etc.).
  • Since two of the screens and sloped flooring will most likely have to be removed, as said by contract, the remaining two theater areas would be used to house other areas of interest that are waiting to be brought to Spencer. This could include a folk-style music venue, ┬ásmall bookstore, etc.
  • The front lobby and concessions would be utilized by turning it into a coffee house/cafe style facility. The plan would be to sell quality specialty coffee and espresso drinks, along with micro-brewed beers and a small wine selection. There would also be a select food menu, but much of that will depend on space/availability issues, whether on or off site.

Again, this is just the basic rough draft of what this space could be. The main point is saving the building and keeping the base integrity of it, while at the same time providing a few new things for our community at a centralized, prime location. All input is very much appreciated and any comments or ideas are what we are looking for! Things like “doing a daily five dollar all-you-can-eat cereal buffet while showing classic cartoons on the big screen!” would count as a good idea. Anything would! This place should be here to help fill the needs of Spencer’s people, as well as keep the town alive and active. So comment, email, call, whatever. Just let us know! Last thing, it would be great in helping us figure out some numbers if you would take two more seconds to fill out the poll at the bottom. Then link to this page and forward it to anyone this is relevant to!

Thanks for the time,


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